Passivation process is a method of removing free iron from the surface of stainless steel. Passivation also improves the corrosion resistance properties to improve the surface condition of stainless steel. 

By immersing stainless steel components in a solution of citric or nitric acid, it dissolves iron that may have imbedded as a result of grinding, machining or other manufacturing operations. If allowed to remain, the iron can corrode and give the stainless steel an appearance of rust. In dissolving the imbedded iron, passivating restores the original surface by forming a transparent oxide film.

At TMF we offer passivation to: 

  • ASTM A967 Nitric Type 1 & Type 5 and Citric 4 & 5
  • AMS2700 Method 1 Nitric Acid, Type 2 & 3 and Method 2 Citric Acid  

Certificates of compliance are provided upon request.